TS-SCAN 100100 2P

TS-SCAN 100100-2P is a unique dual-view and dual-generator X-ray inspection system. The luggage views provides
its complete perspectives regardless of its positioning in the X-ray system. Dual-view technology technology obviates
the operator’s necessity to reverse and re-scan the baggage.
The dual energy technology provides automatic color coding of materials according to their effective atomic numbers.
TS-SCAN 100100-2P has a large industry standard tunnel opening of 1000 mm wide and 1000 mm high.

Image processing features: material separation color display, pseudo color, black and white image, positive/negative, contrast manipulation, edge enhancement, organic/inorganic stripping, high/ low penetration, high density alert.
Image display features: image review, variable zoom up to 32x, view change.
TS-SCAN 100100-2P meets all international health and safety requirements.

TS-SCAN 100100 2P - General Specifications

Dual-view Imaging

Both vertical and horizontal projecting images

Tunnel size (W x H), mm 1040 х 1018
Max. object size (W x H), mm 1000 х 1000
Conveyor speed, m/s 0,20 (Adjustable)
Conveyor bell width, mm 870
Conveyor height, mm 386 (Adjustable)
Max. object weight (Maximum Load Capacity), kg 200
X-ray Generator, kV 160 (Rated)
Resolution (wire detection measured by Cu wire) 38 AWG (0,1 mm)
Steel penetration, mm 26
Spatial Resolution, mm 1,6
Number of X-ray generators 21
Monilor(s) Two 27 inch color LCD display monitors, with resolution 2560x1440
Image display Based on effective atomic number. inspection objects are displayed in different colors: Blue for inorganic as steel; Orange for organic; Green for mixture; Black for objects that X-ray can not penetrate
Image Enhancement Color/SW, negative, high/low penetration. organic/inorganic stripping and general enhancement. etc. All image enhancement functions can be made by one-key or two-key operation
ROI & Zoom Slepwise/slepless zoom up lo 32 limes enlargement without slopping the conveyor. Can immediately enlarge scan images 4 times by special keyboard
Image Recall Images automatic storage. General image formal conversion, I, USB storage devices and remote image storage by TCP/IP network.
System Functions Time/dale display, baggage counters, user management. built-in diagnostic facilities and dual-direction scanning, etc.
X-ray Leakage Less than 0.5μGy/hour at 5cm away from housing, with no external radiation protection area. Overlapped lead curtains
are installed on the entrance and exit or tunnel
System Safely System is designed lo be in conformity with all the relevant CE directives
Operating Temperature I Humidity 0оС - +45оС / 5%- 95% (noncondensing
Power consumption, kVA approx. 1,2
Dimensions (L х W х H), mm 3102 х 1350(1648) х 1806
Weight, kg approx. 1200
UPS Ensure safety shutdown