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About Us

We are a Czech company called INWARD DETECTION s.r.o., the manufacturer with a well-known brand, which has been one of the leaders of not only the Eastern Europe but as well the world market of anti-terrorist security systems for 25 years. INWARD’s equipment used in many countries: in major airports, railway stations, postal and customs services, stadiums, mass events and other facilities requiring the highest level of protection.

The main direction of our activity is the design, development, manufacture and supply of innovative X-ray inspection-screening systems used by public services and private companies specializing in ensuring the safety of people, organizations and property. Our company has years of successful experience of mutually beneficial cooperation both with large federal structures and with small private companies. To the needs of each client, we come strictly individually, choosing the best business solutions, ideally suited to the tasks.

INWARD DETECTION ™ is a modern enterprise that has its own high-tech factory of the "full cycle", has ISO9001 and conformity certificates, performs high-quality work at each stage: design, hardware and software development, delivery of inspection systems, technical support and the subsequent service. This approach positively affects the price, quality, reliability level and service life of the equipment.

We apply innovative developments, often unparalleled in the world; therefore, customers receive unique tools for solving screening and inspection tasks that are best targeted to the needs of a particular end-user. Usually, we utilize algorithms that have been tested by practice, but sometimes we invent entirely individual designs, which we create based on all the wishes and specifics of the client's pursuits.

Our History

Our company is engaged in development and production of X-ray systems for almost a decade, and is part of à group, which has been developing X-ray inspection equipment since 1992. The worldwide interest in the products of our company in the field of security systems has considerably grown in recent years. In addition, we are facing a growing demand of our most innovative solutions. A significant area of our activity is production of inspection systems for containers and cargo inspection.

In 2002, our company started its own production of line detectors and by 2004 we began to supply our customers with high-energy line detector, along with the cyclic accelerators in the special version for containers and cargo inspection systems.

In the year 2005 we designed our own inspection system for containers and cargo

inspection, innovative technology and approaches have been developed on the base of this system up to now.

In 2007, we designed an accelerator with a multi-energy radiation mode. Such a mode allows carrying out the identification of the substances that is possible only with the use of this kind of accelerators.

In 2009, we developed a multi-view containers and cargo X-ray inspection system. In this kind of systems, it is practically impossible to hide any prohibition items inside the inspected objects owing to multiple imaging from various perspectives. These perspectives are chosen in such a way that the item will be surely seen from one of the perspectives, regardless of location of the prohibition item inside the object been inspected.

In 2012, we have designed mobile X-ray cargo inspection system. That same year we delivered four systems to our customers. The main advantage of this type of systems compared to other is a cyclic accelerator with the maximal energy up to 9 MeV that allow to bring inspection to a new quality level using multi-energy source.

In 2014, we introduce our Explosive Detection System, which was developed by our own R&D Engineering team, and it has been a real breakthrough in this field, implementing unique technology based on Corona Discharge.

That same year we had the honor to be the official provider for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014, celebrating sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit by making it safe for every person who enjoyed this unforgettable experience.

Our Mission

 To provide solutions for problems with innovation and creativity, through superior technology to face complex threats.

We offer you security and confidence with a unique system for every possible situation.

In addition, we grant you access to the most advanced instruments with the highest quality standards.

Our Vision

In the modern world where economies collapse and hostility breaks out in places where you least expect it, you simply cannot economize on security.

You do not want to stay in the dark. You want to see through things; you want to detect threats and security breaches. You need a reliable instrument to address the security issues of today and tomorrow, no matter where you are. Recognized yourself? Good! Here in Inward

Detection we share this same vision with you, and we are here to help you make this vision real.

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS – We, at Inward Detection, facilitate superior imaging and interface functions that provide the operator with advanced image options for better object identification and threat detection. We also provide more features than most of our competitors, offering the best product value.

PARTENER ORIENTATED – Our specialists are motivated to listen and understand your security needs, offering you a different kind of Sales and Service experience. We develop a special relationship with our partners; we understand, meet and satisfy your specific needs with creativity and efficiency.

LEADING TECHNOLOGY – At Inward Detection, we create the most advanced systems, which means the most advanced components. Our systems have superior technology, from the most updated computer, operating platform and features, to imaging quality and more.

TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE – The Inward Detection team is made of experienced and talented

professionals that are experts in the x-ray industry, and know its applications and products. We do not want to sell you a machine; we want to be your source for solutions, and the base for your success.

WORLDWIDE PRESENCE – Inward Detection has a strong international reach in more than 10 countries. With a global network of local distributors and factory trained Field Service

Technicians and Engineers to serve you, Inward Detection has an understanding of international demands, sales and service.