The metal detector VIDECT-HH is the latest development that combines all the best search and performance characteristics. The highly sensitive eddy current microprocessor handheld metal detector VIDECT-HH is designed for searching and detecting metal objects during personal inspection, baggage control and correspondence.

Positives is not an effective function. So in the VIDECT-HH model, the function of protection from a number of operating radio stations and thermal compensation is implemented, which corrects sensitivity in real time depending on the ambient temperature. The effective operating range for this model is from -37 to +70 degrees. In this case, there is the possibility of manual correction of sensitivity depending on the tasks (this function is available through the engineering mode). An example is the search for sim cards from mobile phones or the opposite solution, to concentrate search tasks on dangerous objects, a pistol, a knife. The performance in this model is the maximum for this class of equipment, so the consumption of the device is only 3 mA, which allows without turning off, use the device for more than 100 hours, using an alkaline battery or about 400 hours from a lithium-ion battery A

VIDECT-HH - General Specifications

Type of technology scheme digital, microprocessor
Sensor type «flat»
Settings automatic and manual
Scanning mode dynamic
Sensitivity (medium-sized pistol) 230 mm
Operating frequency about 30kHz
Metal detection alarms sound, light,vibro
Sensitivity contro manual (16 levels of sensitivity)
Consuming current 3 mA
Power supply 9 V
Time of continues operation (in case of using U9VL-J 9V battery type) 400 h
Automatic power supply disconnection when not in use after 8 min
Operation level of discharge battery indication 6,5 V
Operating temperature range from - 37° to +70° С
Dimensions 420х80х30 mm.
Weight with a battery 0,34 kg
Complete set on request
Warranty 24 month