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2-channel alarm radiometer NPS-32

The two-channel alarm radiometer NPS-32 is designed to control the dose rate of X-ray and gamma radiation and to signal when the threshold dose is exceeded. Usually, helps to protect passages (driveways) from unauthorized carrying (transportation) of radioactive materials.

The threshold (for each channel separately) is set automatically within 1 minute after the device is turned on.

The threshold value is calculated as Nth = Na + 5σ, where Na is the average number of recorded pulses from the emitter-detector

Package contents:

  • Control and Display Unit (CDU);
  • Network adapter;
  • A radiation detector (1 or 2 units depending on the configuration).

The control and display unit should always be used in heated rooms.

2-channel alarm radiometer NPS-32 - General Specifications

main characteristics



Supply voltage:


Consumption with one / two detectors, mA

150 / 200


on the display, light, sound, "dry contacts" closing/opening

Exposuretime, s


The sensitivity to gamma radiation with an energy of 662 keV: for OBD-2 / BDG-1, (imp / s) / (mR / hr)

1,6 / 0,25

Energy range of gamma radiation detection, KeV

от 30 до 2000

Overall dimensions / weight, mm / kg control and indication unit BDS-2


150х82х45 / 0,2

170х80х42 / 0,4

250х160х56 / 0,4

Maximum length of detector cable (wire 0.12mm2), m

No more than 200


notlessthan 5 years

Operating temperature range for BDS-2 / BDG-1, ° С

From 0 to +40/ from -30 to +40